PEFtrust & BSM Environmental Consultancy Partnership

Digitalisation with LCA in the Fashion Industry

Already serving as a key player in the Turkish denim industry, Peftrust & BSM will help exporters address sustainability requests from their European customers, whether delivering print-ready Environmental Product Passports, complying with the French & European Scores, automating GHG Scope 1 to 3 emissions accounting, getting prepared for CBAM, analyzing the climate impact, or assessing the substance content (such as SVCH and PFAS) and microplastics.

Additionally, the Peftrust suite provides the first automated Eco-Design solution, the essential tool to compare multiple product and supply-chain scenarios, optimizing your Product’s footprint right from the design phase.

Building on years of experience in deploying digital solutions for the Fashion industry, BSM’s team of expert and pragmatic consultants are there to support you in setting up the solution, fostering change within your organization, and ultimately helping you keep the edge on European customers.

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